Frequently Asked Questions

Co-Pay Assist Plan

Claim coverage

    • Q: How much can I claim under my Co-Pay Assist Plan? A:

      You can claim according to the following co-payment rates:

      Ward Adjusted Co-Payment Rates
      Entitlement Admitted to Policyholder Dependant
      C B2 4.4% 11.7%
      C B2+ 3.1% 8.3%
      C B1 1.8% 5.0%
      C A 1.3% 3.3%
      B2 B2+ 5.3% 13.3%
      B2 B1 3.1% 8.3%
      B2 A 2.6% 6.7%
      B1 A 5.7% 15.0%
      As per plan eligibility / downgrade of ward 7.5% 20.0%
    • Q: Can I claim for child delivery? A:

      Yes, any claims arising out of or relating to pregnancy or childbirth is claimable except for accouchement charges. This is provided that you have been insured under the Co-Pay Assist Plan for more than 12 months.

    • Q: Can I claim from another medical policy after I have submitted a claim under Co-Pay Assist Plan? A:

      If there is a balance amount not payable by Co-Pay Assist Plan, you can submit a claim request for the remaining portion under another medical policy.