The Income Difference

The Income Difference

Our promise to our customers

Fair Dealing

As a social enterprise established in 1970 to provide essential insurance for the people of Singapore.

We are committed to delivering Fair Dealing outcomes when we interact and transact with our customers who rely on us for trusted advice and solutions when making their most important financial decisions.

NTUC Income (Income) is an organisation where fair dealing is central to our corporate culture. We adhere to our philosophy of “People Before Profits”, underpinned by our social purpose of providing our customers with the best value. Our customers’ interests are always at the forefront. A demonstration of this belief is in the application of Honest Insurance principles when processing claims. In applying these principles, we are committed to interpreting insurance contracts according to their intentions and not on the basis of legal technicalities.

When recommending insurance plans, we put the interests of customers first. We see it as our duty to ensure that our customers are offered products and services that best serve their needs.

We ensure that our representatives undergo rigorous, continuous training and are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge. In so doing, they are able to provide quality advice and appropriate recommendations to our customers.

We believe in disclosing information fully and clearly to our customers so that they are in the best position to make informed decisions. We provide them with regular updates to keep them abreast of developments that affect their policies.

In communicating with our customers, we strive to eliminate jargons, overcomplicated phrases, as well as terms and conditions that put our customers at a disadvantage. Our insurance contracts are written in plain English as a mark of our commitment.

We take our customers’ feedback seriously and we strive to address their concerns promptly and fairly.