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Press Releases

Income Brings Game-Changer to the Motor Insurance Industry with Two New Schemes that Leverage Telematics

6 Oct 2016 SINGAPORE, 6 OCTOBER 2016 – NTUC Income (“Income”), Singapore’s leading composite insurer, is revolutionising the motor insurance industry with the introduction of two innovative motor insurance schemes – Drive Master and FlexiMileage – which allow private car owners to influence what they would pay for motor insurance premiums based on their driving behaviours.

With the advancement of telematics technology, real-time data on driving behaviours such as drivers’ speed, manoeuvres, drive time and mileage can be collated to better assess and manage risks. Leveraging such technology in Drive Master and FlexiMileage, Income has successfully brought about a step change in pricing motor insurance premiums by introducing tiered savings to reward good driving behaviours and low-mileage driving.

Said Mr Ken Ng, Chief Executive of Income, “With Drive Master and FlexiMileage, we are leveraging digital technology to make insurance more personalised for our customers. The combination of telematics and data analytics allow us to offer insurance which is behaviour- and usage-based. Digital technology has the power to reshape the insurance industry, and we want to be at the frontier of this change.”

Mr Ng added, “In this digital age, it is of utmost importance that we focus on innovation. Our accelerator programme, Future Starter powered by TAG.PASS, is part of our strategy to steer and focus our business to improve our competitiveness and accessibility of insurance so that Income continues to serve our customers better.”

Drive Master

Designed to reward drivers for good driving behaviours, Drive Master applies telematics innovation via a free smartphone application to automatically track and assess drivers’ speed, manoeuvres, drive time and mileage when they embark on a journey.

Based on these criteria, the application will award the driver a cumulative score which is updated after each drive. Drivers who participate in Drive Master must drive a minimum mileage of 5,000 km and allow data related to their driving behaviours be shared via the Drive Master application for six consecutive months. Only those who achieve an average score of 70 and above will enjoy savings of between 5 and 20% on their motor insurance premiums, depending on how they score.

To help drivers in general gain insights to their driving behaviours, make improvements and to promote overall road safety in Singapore, Income has made the Drive Master application available for free to all drivers. However, one must be an Income motor insurance policyholder to enjoy the premium discounts.


FlexiMileage is a usage-based scheme that is specially designed for drivers whose lifestyle requires them to spend less time on the road. FlexiMileage enables these drivers to save more on their insurance premiums if they were to drive their vehicles for 9,000 kilometres or less per year.

Drivers can look forward to a discount of 35% of their current premium amount if they drive below 5,000 kilometres a year. For those who clock between 5,000 and 9,000 kilometres a year, they stand to save 20% from what they pay now.

To participate in the scheme, drivers must first apply for FlexiMileage online  before visiting the Income Motor Service Centre  (MSC) to install the telematics device in their private cars, free of charge, within 14 days of the application. The device will capture the mileage travelled by the vehicle and does not store personal data.

The mileage discount will be accorded immediately at sign up to existing and new Income motor insurance policyholders if they can show proof and verify that their vehicle mileage falls within the scheme’s kilometre tiers at the MSC.

There is no penalty imposed if drivers who subscribe to FlexiMileage exceed the mileage requirement. They merely do not enjoy the premium discounts upon renewal of their motor insurance.

“Drive Master and FlexiMileage are part of Income’s continuous efforts to ensure that our policies remain competitive and innovative, catering to our customers’ current and future needs. Drive Master, for example, successfully marries technology with choice. Using a smartphone – a common device, Drive Master allows drivers to be more aware of their driving behaviours, ultimately giving them the ability to influence their insurance premiums,” said Mr Bill O’Connell, Income’s Vice President for Motor Insurance.

All private car owners, including off-peak car owners, are eligible for Drive Master and FlexiMileage.
While both schemes are mutually exclusive, private cars owners are only eligible to sign up for one scheme per car. Any premium discounts that are accorded to eligible drivers on these schemes are in addition to the loyalty and no-claim discounts that they currently enjoy.

Drive Master and FlexiMileage are available for application starting today. For more information, please refer to and