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Press Releases

Jaga-Me wins NTUC Income’s Future Starter – The $100K Challenge

24 Nov 2015
  • Jaga-Me emerges as the winner out of 200 competitors of the $100,000 cash funding
  • The three-member team impressed judges with its home-care co-ordination solution
  • Future Starter is part of NTUC Income’s drive to encourage young Singaporeans to take control of their futures by making the right decisions now
SINGAPORE, 24 November 2015 – NTUC Income powers Jaga-Me, which has developed a home-care co-ordination and nursing services solution for caregivers, as it emerged as the winner of Future Starter – The $100K Challenge on Saturday 21 November, 2015.

Jaga-Me, comprising Ms Kuah Ling Ling, 29, Ms Har Jia Yi, 34, and Mr Julian Koo, 28, was selected out of five finalists who competed for the $100,000 cash grant sponsored by NTUC Income at the finals, which was held at Altimate @ 1-Altitude.

The team impressed the judges with its solution to provide professional home-care on-demand, through access to care coordinators and a platform that connects patients and nurses via a real time, location- and service-based matching system.

Aspiring to be the go-to platform for on-demand home-care, Jaga-Me aims to help patients and families transition smoothly from hospitals to quality care at the comfort of their own homes. In addition, the team aims to make professional nursing services accessible to the masses in Singapore and the ASEAN region. It also hopes to alleviate the issue of increasing bed-crunch in hospitals, helping the ageing population at the same time.

Representing Jaga-Me, Ms Kuah Ling Ling, 29, said: "Jaga-Me started off as just an idea we all thought would really work in Singapore and across the region. Winning the NTUC Income Future Starter – The $100K Challenge puts us closer to making this idea a reality. We are delighted with this win. We are grateful to our mentors for their guidance and the support of NTUC Income in our entrepreneurship endeavours."

The team met at a hackathon earlier this year, where they first came up with the idea of matching homebound patients requiring care to certified nurses. The motivation behind this idea is both personal and professional. Ms Har had previously disrupted her career to take care of her terminally-ill mother due to the lack of trusted home-care help, while Ms Kuah, who is a community nurse, saw a gap in hospital to home transition for patients and their families.

One of the judges, Mr Choong Tuck Oon, Member of NTUC Income’s Board of Directors, said: "This year's finalists are diverse. All the teams should be highly commended for their unique innovation, perseverance and tenacity. Jaga-Me stood out by clearly demonstrating a very strong value proposition and an outstanding potential to fulfill the needs of the rapidly growing home-care market. The team's presentation was crisp and focused."

Another judge, Mr Ghislain Le Chatelier, Regional Director, SMB South Asia and Greater China
Google, said: "Jaga-Me is an example of how the web can help create jobs while putting nurses back in touch with patients and helping critical information flow between medical experts and people across Southeast Asia. It’s also a great example of how mobile web fosters the creation of new business models for small and medium enterprises in the region and improves lives."

Other notable finalists included Medergo, an intelligent solution that is able to monitor, predict and prevent aspiration among patients who require tube feeding; Fred, a mobile application to facilitate the trading of foreign currencies between users; Uni-Dryer, a new drying technology that is ultra fast but features ultra-low power consumption; and Espoir, an affordable, portable filtration device that enables the conversion of non-potable water to clean, drinkable water.

Now in its second edition, Future Starter targets to help an aspiring individual or team under the age of 35 realise a sustainable new venture and make the future different for them – encouraging young Singaporeans to take control of their future by making the right decisions today.

Team Privi won the inaugural competition last year for their medical device, Privi – a safe and effective device for haemorroid sufferers to manage their symptoms at home. According to Team Privi, the $100,000 from Future Starter was used to engage a design and engineering firm to aid in its product development. The team also conducted multiple rounds of user interviews and prototyping to refine and improve the product. Privi is now in its clinical trial stage and should be available commercially in 2017.

This year’s Future Starter attracted some 200 entries. Five finalists were shortlisted by the panel of judges, which made up of industry leaders:
  • Ms Elim Chew, Founder & CEO, 77th Street
  • Mr Marcus Chew, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communications, NTUC Income
  • Mr Choong Tuck Oon, Member of NTUC Income’s Board of Directors
  • Mr Ghislain Le Chatelier, Regional Director, SMB South Asia and Greater China, Google
  • Mr Joseph Ong, Managing Director, One Rochester Group
  • Ms Divya Patel, Co-Leader, Incubation Programs, The Hub Singapore
  • Mr Sze Tian-Poh, Personal Care Cluster Lead, SEA & Australasia, Unilever
"We hope the $100,000 cash grant will be the impetus Jaga-Me needs to create a successful business venture," said Mr Marcus Chew, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications, NTUC Income. "They have taken the important first step – a decision that could have a strong impact on the future. It is a long journey to make a business idea a reality, and it is a journey through which NTUC Income aims to inculcate financial management and security in the winning team."

He added: "Home-care is an area that is closely related to insurance, and we look forward to working with Jaga-Me to provide a comprehensive solution for the people in Singapore."