Press Releases

Press Releases

Media Statement: Student Protection Scheme (SPS)

16 Jul 2009

Response to ZaoBao

Under the CaseTrust for Education scheme, a private education organization (PEO) must ensure that their foreign students are protected under one of two schemes: the Student Tuition Fee Account (escrow) which is offered by banks or the Student Tuition Fee Insurance, administered by  NTUC Income. PEOs have the option of extending either of the schemes to local students.

The Student Tuition Fee Insurance policy will indemnify insured students for the loss of tuition fees paid in advance to their PEO, and to the extent that these fees are not refunded to them in the event that they are unable to commence, continue with or complete their course due to the insolvency or regulatory closure of the PEO.

As the cancellation of the registration of a PEO by the Ministry of Education is considered a regulatory closure of the PEO, the tuition fees of the students covered under the Students Tuition Fees Insurance will be reimbursed in accordance to the terms of the insurance policy. For example, students who have paid up in full, but are unable to commence their courses due to the closure of the PEO, would be reimbursed in full.

Students under the Student Tuition Fee Account (escrow) should contact the relevant banks or CASE for assistance.

Students insured under the Student Tuition Fee Insurance by NTUC Income who are unable to get a refund from the PEO, may contact us on our hotline 67886616 for assistance and advice on their claims. Students would be advised to submit a completed claim form and supporting documents such as their certificate of insurance, payment receipts, student contract and a copy of their passport and student pass. We have dedicated officers in place to handle these claims and render appropriate assistance to the students.