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Press Releases


8 Sep 2012

Growing appeal, high public participation expected as event enters its fourth year
Grand Flying days a culmination of extensive kite-oriented activities in heartland communities and schools

Singapore, 8 September 2012 – ACT 3 International, Singapore's leading Arts company and leading insurer NTUC Income have partnered for a fourth year to present the very popular NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore to the community! Since its launch in 2008, more than 250,000 people have visited this annual event, with participation expected to continue rising this year.

The festival kicked off in June and July with community based events in the heartlands of Singapore This year, Act Three International and NTUC Income have reached out to heartland communities in Jurong, Tampines and Sembawang. It also touched some 60,000 children in 44 schools.

The festival culminates in the hugely popular Grand Flying Days, to be held right in the city at The Promontory @ Marina Bay on 8 and 9 September 2012.

Elaborates Ms Ruby-Lim Yang, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of ACT 3 International, who has devoted nearly 30 years of her life to the Arts: “The Kite Festival Singapore is the country’s biggest event related to all things kite and is a trailblazer in this area. Kite flying, with its rich history, evergreen popularity and beautiful symbolism, is a wonderful pursuit to engage the community with. For the first time in the festival, we will see unique traditional kites and welcome flyers from countries such as Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and even Guatemala, Central America!”

From NTUC Income’s viewpoint, the benefits of the festival to the community extend beyond cultivating an interest in kite flying.

NTUC Income Chief Executive Tan Suee Chieh said, “NTUC Income’s Kite Festival is much more than a kite flying event. A creative art form and a highly inclusive activity, the festival draws people of all ages and walks of life and has grown into an iconic experience for the community. This year marks the fourth year of the festival and I’m glad we have been able to further its reach through our school and community kite-flying programmes.”

Kite flying, an evolved activity, reflects NTUC Income’s own evolution. Both are rooted in rich tradition but continue to embrace fresh and new ideas to stay relevant with the times.

The coming weekend of thrilling kite performances from 45 local and international kiters, traditional kite making workshops, a kite exhibition and arts performances. The public are welcome to fly their own kites, which they can bring or purchase on the spot from the Festival Kite Shop. Also attending the festival are children and youth from NTUC Income’s adopted beneficiaries under its flagship CSR initiative, OrangeAid. These beneficiaries include South East Community Development Council (SECDC), NorthLight School, Assumption Pathway, Singapore Children’s Society and the Moral Home for the Disabled.


NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2012 presented By ACT 3 International
Grand Flying Days | 8 and 9 September 2012, Saturday and Sunday | The Promontory @ Marina Bay | 4pm to 8pm
For more information, the public can call (65) 6735 9986 or visit

Local and international kite masters in action
Kiting experts and talents from eight countries – Australia, China, Guatemala, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka – have been specially invited to grace the festival with exciting kite performances choreographed to music. First-time participants Guatemala, Korea, Pakistan and Sri Lanka look set to thrill. Four humongous and multi-coloured turbine kites will also be taken for a spin in the sky!

In particular, the Revolution Kite Performance will see 28 Singapore and Malaysian flyers – each with a four-line kite – impress with a stunning formation display of flying prowess. These ten-minute performances will be held hourly from 4.30pm to 7.30pm (last performance at 7pm).

Traditional kite exhibition
This showcase will be a rare opportunity for the public to get up close with rarely seen traditional kites from countries such as China, Guatemala, Korea, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Up to 30 beauties will be on display on both days and are wonderful insights to the respective cultures.

Traditional kite making workshops 
Held hourly on both days from 4pm to 6pm (last session), these 45-minute workshops will be an opportunity for all to make their very own traditional kite from China, Korea, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. All workshops are free.

Kites Play Area for Children 
Also a first for the festival, the Kites Play Area for children will be a wonderland for the little ones! 100 inflatable animal-shaped kites – anchored to the ground – will be available for children to play with. The Lawn, which is directly opposite The Promontory, will be filled with bobbing ‘lady bugs’!

Arts performances 
Local and international artistes will enhance the festival with a distinctively artistic flavour. A cappella and string quartet performances as well as street-style acts such as the unique Festival Bouncers who will be dressed in huge balloon costumes.

Background of the NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2012 presented by ACT 3 International 
This unique festival has grown in size and popularity over the years, encouraging city dwellers here to appreciate the virtues of kites and kite flying – artistic beauty, cultural importance and a source of community and familial bonding – all significant qualities to be treasured especially in a fast-moving city like Singapore.

The public had a first taste of the ‘high flying’ life in 2008 at the Kite Fiesta – a performing arts programme aimed at teenagers and their families. Held at West Coast Park, the event was anchored on kite flying as an activity for all to encourage bonding over the arts. Spurred on by the success of this Fiesta, ACT 3 International launched the Kite Festival Singapore in 2009 over a larger area in West Coast Park with a galore of activities and exciting performances from kite experts. Complemented by a pre-festival kite exhibition tour in the malls, the Kite Festival Singapore saw an estimated 8,000 people participating with an additional 70,000 people attending the pre-festival events in malls.

In 2010, the festival took to the skies with three components – a successful run of the Kite Festival Singapore Road Show and Exhibition in malls as well as the inaugural Kite Education Programme for schools – a series of 28 fun-filled school shows called ‘More Than Paper and Sticks’ for nearly 30,000 youths from 7 to 17 years old. It culminated with Kite Flying Days, a large-scale weekend extravaganza of activities and performances held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.

Inspired by the immense success of 2010’s NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore – which saw an estimated 80,000 people attending its events – ACT 3 International sought to engage even more people in 2011 with new programmes and locations, more activities and for the first time in Southeast Asia, a trailblazing showcase of indoor kite flying – a trend that is taking the kite-flying world by storm and will be an exciting discovery for urbanites in Singapore – where open space and predictable weather are rare.

NTUC Income, a leading insurer in Singapore, is supporting the kite festival for the fourth year. This year’s festival kicked off with the Kite Weekend Extravaganza at HDB Hub on 9 and 10 June 2012. The public was entertained with a non-stop Kite Flying Showcase by Singaporean and Malaysian kiters and kite masters, exciting performing arts programme by overseas artists, and a Mass Kite Making Workshop catered for people from different communities in Singapore. In July, Community Flying Days were held over three weekends around the island in Jurong, Sembawang and Tampines, successfully bringing the festival right to the community’s doorstep.