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Press Releases

NTUC Income Rebrands to Signal Change

28 Aug 2009

Anchored on a ‘Made Different’ tagline, NTUC Income’s rebranding emphasises its social purpose while pressing on to become more energetic, contemporary and professional

Singapore, 28 August 2009 – NTUC Income, Singapore’s leading composite insurer offering life, health, general insurance and investment-linked products, has launched a rebranding campaign to better meet the needs of modern Singapore.

NTUC Income’s significant brand change marks another major milestone in its process of transformation and modernisation, which began in 2007 with the appointment of Tan Suee Chieh as the new Chief Executive.

Mr Tan said: “The rebranding has a two-fold objective: first, to re-affirm NTUC Income’s continuing commitment to be a cooperative, different from other insurance companies which maximise profits for shareholders.

“NTUC Income will continue to focus on its social purpose, the basis of its founding about 40 years ago – providing affordable, accessible and sustainable insurance products to Singaporeans following independence.

“Secondly, this is to signal that NTUC Income wants to better engage a new generation of Singaporeans through a more energetic, contemporary and professional approach to doing business.”

Besides contributing almost $2 million annually towards various charity and community projects, NTUC Income has further demonstrated a commitment to its social cause through initiatives such as a $6 million Incomeshield Assistance Scheme to assist lower-income and elderly policyholders, raising about $385,000 through its charity fundraiser Project Love, contributing $1.16 million to help families of retrenched and low income workers under the NTUC U Care Fund, setting a $1 million “Income Cares Fund” to assist its annuitants and a free Incomeshield upgrade for children below the age of 16 years.

NTUC Income’s rebranding will be launched through a new logo and advertising campaign that is different from anything seen from the company previously.

Explaining that the rebranding is more than just a new logo or advertising campaign, Mr Tan added: “This marks a new chapter in our transformation. We will drive new changes in our internal processes, practices and culture, as well as intensify our company-wide customer service excellence initiative, Service Alive!, to bring our brand alive for them.

“Our rebranding exercise is about giving our customers a proposition – a brand, a product and a service that they want. Forty years ago, our customers transacted with NTUC Income because they did not have a choice. Today, customers transact with us because they want to, and not because they have to.”

Reiterating the company’s commitment to its social purpose, Mr Tan said: “We are not here to maximise profits for our shareholders, but to provide value for our customers. We were made different, we are different and we will continue to be different.”

The refreshed logo and tagline will be revealed to the public at the finale of its new flagship sponsorship programme, the NTUC Income Kite Festival 2009 on 29 and 30 August 2009. A giant four-metre wide kite will take to the sky to dramatically launch the new logo.

The festival finale, which is an activity-packed free event open to the public, expects 10,000 people with more than 6,000 kites dotting the skies at the Grand Lawn of the West Coast Park. Ten kite masters from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, including Mikio Toki, one of Japan’s best contemporary Edo kite grandmasters, will be on hand to conduct kite-making workshops and kite-flying stunts. To augment the carnival buzz would be activities such as kite competitions, lessons on hip hop and basic circus skills, sand sculptures, graffiti art, roving stilt walkers and children’s theatre performance.

The kite festival, which is presented in partnership with Act 3 International, was chosen to showcase NTUC Income’s rebranding because the evolution of kite-flying reflects the insurer’s own transformation. Both are rooted in rich tradition but continue to embrace fresh and new ideas to stay relevant with the times. The kite festival is colourful, contemporary and is ideal for all, young and old, rich and poor - traits that NTUC Income values and promotes.

The kite festival, as part of the overall rebranding efforts, is centered on the “Made Different” theme, which is unique to NTUC Income.