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Press Releases

Travel Insurance claims relating to the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

17 Mar 2011

NTUC Income notes the growing concerns of Singaporeans about the natural catastrophe in Japan and the coverage afforded under their travel insurance plans.

We would also like to take this opportunity to share some additional insights.

It is important to bear in mind that travel insurance policies sold by insurers tend to vary in term of coverage and benefits. Therefore, not all travel insurance plans cover the same benefits, including those relating to natural disasters.

For NTUC Income’s travel plans, its policies cover trip cancellations, travel curtailments, travel delays and flight misconnections arising from natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. Hence, a customer who bought a NTUC Income travel plan prior to the catastrophe would be able to benefit from the protection offered.

In the case of the Japan earthquake, customers who had purchased a policy prior to the incident and decide to cancel their trip to the country will be reimbursed for the non-refundable and irrecoverable portion of travel and/or accommodation costs prepaid in advance. This will include the travel agent’s cancellation fee.

More importantly, policyholders should check the terms and conditions, the limits and extent of the coverage of the policy as there are currently several plans being offered by NTUC Income.

As a general exclusion in most travel insurance policies, claims on exposure to nuclear risks and or radiation are not covered.

To expedite the claim processing, policyholders are encouraged to provide all relevant and detailed documents to support their claims. These can include cancellation notices from airlines and travel agents, police report, bills, or medical reports.

NTUC Income’s policyholders can refer to for more details on the required documentation.

We would advice travellers to avoid going to affected areas where such natural disasters have taken place and encourage them to follow the travel advice provided by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a matter of good practice, travellers should always ensure that they purchase their travel policies as early as possible so as to get early coverage, since most travel insurance policies do not cover claims arising from known events which have already taken place.