Become a Financial Services Adviser

Become a Financial Services Adviser

Get easy access to a retail crowd by bringing financial advice closer to our clients at our Income Lite Branches.


At Income, we are committed to training and upgrading the skills and knowledge of our Financial Services Advisers, preparing you to take up this hybrid role that will tap on your entrepreneurial skills.

We offer you our tried-and-tested tutorials and materials to help you gain the necessary CMFAS certifications and will sponsor your CMFAS examinations. As part of your on-boarding, our B.E.S (Basic Essentials of Sales) programme will equip you with the right financial planning knowledge and skills to kickstart your career followed by a 3-month structured program to hone your proficiency. Our dedicated managers and mentors will also constantly be there to guide you through your journey.
Even after you have gained an established customer base, we continue to support you through client builder activities, exclusive partnerships, and more. Read about our tools and programmes here.
As a Financial Services Adviser, you will be based at our Income Lite Branches. With easy access to retail crowds, you will be able build your base quickly.
Be rewarded for your efforts through our multi-layered incentive structure that rewards you with sales incentives, quarterly performance-based incentives, and great incentive trips, all on top of a stable monthly salary.

In addition, as a permanent, full-time employee of Income, you will enjoy a wide array of medical, dental and training allowances. We will make sure you are well looked after so that you can concentrate on providing sound financial advice to your clients.

Career progression

Opportunities for growth

We grow the potential of each Financial Services Adviser through continuous training and development to deepen their financial planning knowledge. You can be promoted to a Senior Financial Services Adviser and subsequently an Executive Financial Services Adviser.

A Financial Services Adviser who displays leadership and management potential will have the opportunity to take on a leadership position as a Branch Business Manager.

Channel transfer opportunities

Income helps you achieve your career goals at different points in life. Our multi-channel distribution network gives you the flexibility to switch roles through our exclusive channel transfer opportunities. Learn more about the Financial Consultant and Client Adviser roles.

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