Hospitalisation Claim

Hospitalisation Claim

If your company’s policy covers hospitalisation and surgery, here is how you can claim for your medical bills or daily hospitalisation benefit.

Before hospital admission

  • Please check with your company to confirm what types of hospitals, treatments and wards are covered under your plan.

Paying hospitalisation bills

Depending on your plan, your hospitalisation or surgery bills can be paid with the following methods:

  • Cash or credit card
  • CPF Medisave account
    • Upon admission, please sign the forms for the CPF Medisave Deduction, if any.
  • CPF MediShield or Medisave-Approved Integrated Shield Plan [1]
    • If you are covered under such a plan, please inform the hospital and ensure that the forms for filing under your plan are signed.

Submitting the claim


Step 1: Prepare required documents

Group Hospital & Surgical / Employee Benefits Policy / WorkMedic Policy / i-MediCare (Inpatient)
  1. Original final hospital/medical bills and receipts [2]
  2. Hospital discharge summary
  3. Medical reports, if any
  4. Copy of reimbursement letter/discharge voucher from previous reimbursement, if any.
  5. For WorkMedic Policy only: Copy of employee’s Work Permit or S-Pass

Group Hospitalisation Benefit
  1. Original final hospital/medical bills and receipts
  2. Hospital discharge summary
  3. For plans that cover dependants: Proof of relationship such as marriage certificate or birth certificate if insured is the spouse/child

Step 2: Complete relevant claim form

Please print and complete the form required for your plan.


Step 3: Submit the completed claim form and required documents

Please submit your completed claim form and documents to your company’s Human Resource Department (or your union/association) for their endorsement. Your company or organisation’s insurance administrator will then submit the claim to Income on your behalf.

For smoother claims processing, please submit your claim within 30 days of discharge from hospital.

After claim submission

We settle most claims within 14 working days after we receive all documents required.

For claims which require further clarification, we will need more time to review your claim. For such cases, we will keep you informed.

Important Notes


  1. Medisave-Approved Integrated Shield Plan refers to NTUC IncomeShield or AIA’s HealthShield or AVIVA’s MyShield or Great Eastern’s SupremeHealth or Prudential’s PruShield.
  2. How to tell if your hospital/medical bills are original and final:
    a. The bill is a final bill, not an estimated or interim bill.
    b. The bill is an original copy, not a duplicate or a photocopy/scanned copy.
    c. There is no outstanding amount due to the medical institution.
    d. The amount covered by Medisave is approved, if applicable.
    e. The amount covered by MediShield / your Private Shield plan is reflected on the bill, if applicable.
Information is correct as of 12 December 2016

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