Hospitalisation Claim

Hospitalisation Claim

Are you an IncomeShield policyholder?

This page is for hospitalisation claims under individual non-IncomeShield plans. For claim information under IncomeShield, please refer to our IncomeShield guide.

If your insurance policy covers hospitalisation, here is how you can claim for your medical bills or daily hospitalisation benefit (depending on your plan).

Before hospital admission

  • Please refer to your policy document to confirm what types of hospitals, treatments and wards are covered under your plan.

Paying hospitalisation bills

  • Please pay for your hospitalisation bills with any of the following methods:
    • Medisave account
    • Cash or credit card
    • Combination of the above: If the hospital bill exceeds the allowed Medisave deduction limit, you will need to pay the excess amount with cash or credit card.
  • For Managed Healthcare System plans, you may also request a Letter of Guarantee (LOG), which is subject to our approval. This provides partial or full waiver of the hospital admission deposit.
    You can obtain a LOG by calling us at 6332 1133 or through hospital admission staff if you are getting treatment in a restructured hospital.

Submitting the claim


Step 1: Prepare required documents

Documents required for all plans

  1. Original final hospital/medical bills and receipts[1]
    • For Hospital Benefit rider, you only need to provide copies of the final hospital/medical bills and receipts.
  2. Hospital discharge summary
  3. Medical reports, if any
  4. If you have submitted a claim to other policies/insurers/your employers/any other third parties who have reimbursed your bills, please submit copies of the following documents:
    • Reimbursement letter
    • Discharge voucher
    • Payslip reflecting the medical expense deduction (for civil servants)
  5. A clear copy of policyholder and insured’s NRIC (both sides)

Additional documents required
Other documents may be required for your plan. Please refer to the information below.

Hospital Benefit rider
  • Medical certificates
Co-pay Assist Plan
  • A copy of the reimbursement letter from your employer/pension department if the bill does not indicate the amount that your employer/pension department has paid

Step 3: Submit the completed claim form and required documents

You can submit your claim form and documents through any of the following channels:

  • At an Income branch
  • To your insurance adviser
  • By post to
    Claims Service Centre
    Income Centre
    75 Bras Basah Road
    Singapore 189557

After claim submission

We settle most claims within 14 working days after we receive all documents required.

For claims which require further clarification, we will need more time to process your claim. For such cases, we will keep you informed.

Important Notes


  1. How to tell if your hospital/medical bills are original and final:
    a. The bill is a final bill, not an estimated or interim bill.
    b. The bill is an original copy, not a duplicate or a photocopy/scanned copy.
    c. There is no outstanding amount due to the medical institution.
    d. The amount covered by Medisave is approved, if applicable.
    e. The amount covered by MediShield / your Private Shield plan is reflected on the bill, if applicable.
Information is correct as of 22 February 2017

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