Income launched Future Starter – The $100K Challenge in 2014 and awarded a cash grant of $100,000 to the winning team of the inaugural and 2015 editions of the initiative and turned budding business ideas into reality. Additionally, specially-selected industry professionals provided mentorship and guidance to these aspiring entrepreneurs. Read more about the winning ideas below.

Jaga-Me is a digital platform that provides care coordination and nursing services to caregivers, so as to provide patients with a seamless transition from hospital to home,as well as support families with interim caregiving services.

Jaga-Me connects patients and care professionals via an on-demand, location- and service-based matching system that is available online and on mobile. It aims to make quality home-care accessible to the masses in Singapore and beyond. Jaga-Me launched its service in March 2016 and has 30 users to date with 15 nurses on board. Serving the community from respite care to skilled nursing opportunities, it dovetails Agency of Integrated Care's Home-First Strategy.

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Privi Medical
Privi Medical is developing a drug-free solution to help millions of people suffering from early stage haemorrhoids manage their symptoms effectively in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Early stage haemorrhoids is a highly recurrent and prevalent medical problem that affects the quality of life of sufferers. Haemorrhoids causes bleeding, pain and discomfort, and hinders the ability of sufferers to lead a normal life. Using a proprietary technology, it provides instant relief and reduces symptom recurrence for haemorrhoids sufferers. Since 2014, Privi has completed prototyping, user validation, small-batch production testing, and is scheduled for launch in the 2 nd quarter of 2017.

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