Student Protection Plan

Student Protection Plan

A group personal accident plan that primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges can purchase for their students.

Compensation Information

For death and permanent disability occurring within one year from the date of an accident

Loss of life $25,000
Total paralysis through injuries $25,000
Loss of any two limbs $20,000
Loss of one limb $10,000
Loss of sight of both eyes $20,000
Loss of sight of one eye $10,000
Total loss of speech $10,000
Loss of hearing in one ear $ 5,000
Fracture of leg with established non-union $ 1,000
Shortening of leg by at least 5 cm $ 1,000
Loss of thumb
- both phalanges
- one phalanx

$ 3,000
$ 1,500
Loss of any one finger
- three phalanges
- two phalanges
- one phalanx

$ 1,000
$ 800
$ 400
Loss of metacarpals
- first or second (additional)
- third, fourth or fifth (additional)

$ 300
$ 200
Loss of toes
- all
- great, both phalanges
- great, one phalanx
- other than great, if more than one toe lost, each

$ 5,000
$ 1,500
$ 500
$ 300
Cost of artificial limb Up to $ 3,000
Removing lower jaw by surgical operation $ 5,000
Total we will pay per accident
(Payable within one year from the date of accident)

We will not pay extra compensation for any specific item which is part of a greater item due under this policy. For example, we will pay the insured person for the loss of limb, but we will not pay the insured person again for the loss of finger or thumb.

For medical expenses within one year from the date of an accident

Medical expenses (due to any one accident and within one year from the accident) Up to $8,000
1.1 Outpatient Benefits
  1. Outpatient and follow-up treatments due to an accident including :
    - Ambulance fees
    - Physiotherapy at specialist outpatient clinics (SOCs)   in Singapore restructured hospitals and Singapore Sports Council

Up to $280

Up to $790
    b. Traditional Chinese Medicine Up to $34 per visit, for not more than $170 for any one accident
    c. Dental treatment due to an accident Up to $340
1.2 Inpatient Benefits
  1. Daily room and board, including ICU
Up to $112 per day, for not more than 50 days for any one accident

Up to $5,600
    b. In-hospital consultation and surgical benefit Up to $350
    c. Other hospital services Up to $910
    d. Follow-up treatment after stay in hospital Up to $350
Hospital cash benefit
Daily cash benefit, for staying in hospital due to an accident
$14.30 per day, up to 60 weeks from the date of accident
Funeral expense benefit
We will pay this within one year from the date of accident

Coverage for school personnel

We provide accident coverage for principals, teachers, non-teaching and non-academic staff, registered parent volunteers, members of the school management committee and school alumni.

The accident coverage available for your team is shown below:

Accidents that occurred within the school’s premises during official school operating hours Accidents that occurred while helping with organised school activities Accidents that occurred while taking part in official school matters
Non-teaching or non-academic staff
Non-teaching or non-academic staff
Registered parent volunteers
Members of the school alumni
Members of the school management committee

To view the complete list of benefits, please refer to the policy contract.