Student Sports Injury Plan

Student Sports Injury Plan

A group personal accident plan that primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges can purchase for their students in approved co-curricular activities (CCA).

Compensation Information

For outpatient and inpatient medical treatments within one year from the date of an accident

Description Plan 1 Plan 2
Outpatient benefits for each accident    

Outpatient benefit which includes:

- Ambulance fees and follow-up treatment
- Dental treatment due to an accident
Up to $2,000 Up to $1,000
Physiotherapy at specialist outpatient clinics (SOCs) at Singapore restructured hospitals and Singapore Sports Council Up to $25 per visit, not more than 6 visits Up to $25 per visit, not more than 6 visits
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Up to $25 per visit, not more than 3 visits Up to $25 per visit, not more than 3 visits

Inpatient Benefits for each accident
(in Singapore restructured hospital)

Overall limit of $25,000 Overall limit of $10,000
Daily room and board benefit (including ICU) Up to $250 per day Up to $150 per day
Daily in-hospital consultation

As charged [1]

As charged [1]
Surgical benefit
Other hospital charges
Follow-up treatment after stay in hospital

For inpatient benefits received at private hospitals or hospitals outside of Singapore, we will reduce any eligible expenses by 50%. We will pay up to the amount set out above for inpatient benefits, or the actual costs of treatment, whichever is less.

Important Notes


  1. “As charged” coverage is subject to the deductibles and benefit limits as prescribed under the policy conditions.
Information is correct as of 21 July 2017