PA Assurance

PA Assurance

Protect you and your family’s well-being with comprehensive coverage against accident-incurred injuries.

Types of occupations covered

Group A

Professions or occupations of professional, administrative, managerial or clerical nature or occupations of outdoor nature or involving light manual work without the use of tools or machinery.

Examples: Admin executive, auditor, lawyers, salespersons, managers, homemakers, domestic helpers, students, doctors, teachers, insurance agents, waiters, retailers etc.

Group B

Professions or occupations involving manual work with the use of tools or machinery or uniform professions involving security or defence work or whose work environment is in high altitude or of hazardous nature.

Examples: Hawkers, cooks, drivers, painters, fitness/gym trainers, despatch, construction workers, commercial airline crews, national servicemen, policemen, prison wardens, steermen, security guards, carpenters, technicians, mechanics, veterinary surgeons, paramedics, life guards etc.