OrangeAid is Income’s community development and involvement arm. We work with community partners through social investment in programmes that contribute to securing the future of children and youth from disadvantaged circumstances.

Children and youth embody the future. OrangeAid aims to level the playing field for those from underprivileged backgrounds through long-term partnerships and investment to address issues such as learning disabilities and child protection. The initiatives of OrangeAid endeavour to inculcate teens with values and resilience, and equip older youth with life skills and pre-vocational support.

In so doing, we hope these children and youth gain the confidence, belief and skills to thrive and secure a better future for themselves and their families.

The funds for the initiative come from three channels:

OrangeAid RoundUp is the first time such a secure and trusted financial mechanism is being used for philanthropy in Singapore’s insurance industry. One hundred percent of OrangeAid RoundUp donations go to our beneficiaries, with all administration costs absorbed by Income.


OrangeAid Annual Report

OrangeAid forms strategic alliances with recognized partners who are Institutes of Public Character (IPC) to co-create programmes that deliver maximized impact to OrangeAid beneficiaries. Every programme that OrangeAid engages in, is customised to the needs of our children and youth.

View the yearly Annual Reports for OrangeAid.