Reports & Publications

Reports & Publications

Find Income’s Social Impact Report, financial statements and information on policy yields and bonuses.

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Social Impact Reports

Find out how NTUC Income (Income), through its wide range of initiatives, creates a positive social impact in our community.

Policy yields and bonus declarations

Policy yields
When it comes to how your policies are doing, we are committed to being transparent. Because we believe when policyholders are able to see their returns, they can make smarter decisions for their future.

That is why we are publishing our annual yields for the 10th consecutive year.

Policy term For males, entry age 25 years,
$100 monthly premium [1]
Maturing in 2016 Average maturity yield (2012 - 2016)
20 4.93% 5.11%
25 5.11% 5.51%
30 5.41% 5.67%
Gender Entry age 30 years with sum assured of $50,000
At age 55 in 2016 Average yield (2012 - 2016)
Male 4.38% 4.45%
Female 5.01% 5.12%

Participating policy report
If you have a participating policy with Income, your policy will form part of the Life Participating Fund. Below is an update on our Life Participating Fund for 2015, where you will find key information about the Fund’s performance and bonuses.

Download report for 2015

Bonus Declaration 2015
Bonus rates declared for year 2015
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Important Notes
  1. Yields are calculated based on annual premium equivalent to $100 monthly. Yield calculations are audited by Willis Towers Watson. Actual yields may not be indicative of future policy yields.
Information is correct as of 14 June 2016