Career as a
financial planner

Career as a
financial planner

A career that makes a difference

Do you want to help people better manage their finances and plan for the future? Then becoming a financial planner with Income might be for you. As Singapore’s largest composite insurer, Income offers the widest range of life, health, and general insurance products, and provides access to over two million customers in Singapore.

With the industry’s broadest multi-channel distribution network, whether you are beginning your career or are an experienced professional looking for change, Income can provide diverse options through our 3 financial planner roles.

Get started with one of three financial planner roles

As a financial planner, you will be able to help your friends, family and clients invest their savings, plan for retirement or save for their children’s tertiary education.

Income understands that everyone is different, with unique strengths and career aspirations. That is why we offer three roles to help you get started. Each role offers unique opportunities for growth and development. Choose the one that suits you best.

With our unique channel transfer opportunities, you are able to switch to a different career track from the one you started out in. For example, if you joined Income as a Financial Services Adviser, you have the opportunity to transfer to become a Client Adviser.

Financial Consultant

An entrepreneurial role offering flexibility and unlimited potential income.

Financial Services Adviser

A hybrid role that taps onto your entrepreneurial spirit while offering income stability.

Client Adviser

A proactive role that provides business opportunities alongside income stability.

We are in with you every step of the way

At Income, people are our greatest assets. That is why we invest in unique tools and programmes to support your development and dynamic career aspirations.

Whether you are new or experienced, Income Academy combines a structured curriculum and blended learning approach to support your growth. Along with personalised coaching and guidance, our dedicated managers and mentors will help you gain a head start in your career.
Venturing into a new industry can be exciting, exhilarating yet also exhausting. That is why Income has the Rookies Achiever Club (RAC). The RAC is tailored to support those new to the industry like yourself, and help you bloom, paving the way for your success. Through activities, mentorship, programmes and incentives, you and other Rookies can congregate, interact, and grow together during your crucial first year.
We believe in providing you with strong Digital Support. Through AdviserNet, we support your end-to-end client advisory process. From identifying their financial needs, to making recommendations, and submitting insurance applications electronically, we help you serve your clients better.

In addition, to increase the visibility of our advisers, we launched Adviser Connect, the first-of-its-kind chat portal. Have the flexibility to chat with prospective clients any time and anywhere. With this tool, all you have to do to build your client base is to simply stay connected.
Our Affinity Partnerships let you leverage on on-going partnerships with fellow social enterprises and other organisations to reach out to a wider base of prospects.
We provide Business Development Support through our data analytics and digital platforms. You will receive meaningful insights on leads management, campaigns, and targeted marketing, which will help you engage the right clients and increase your productivity and efficiency.
Our belief in client centricity is why we employ a Multi-Channel Distribution Network. This allows us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. This also translates into multiple career paths for you.
We recognise that your career aspirations may change over time. That is why we also want to facilitate your movement across our various distribution channels and roles1. This way, we can all continue to grow together.

1Subject to availability of positions, as well as prevailing terms and conditions that govern transfer applications.