Child Illness Claim (Child Illness Rider)

Child Illness Claim (Child Illness Rider)

If your plan has a Child Illness Rider, here are the steps for submitting a claim in the event that your child develops any of the insured conditions.

Submitting the claim


Step 1: Complete relevant claim form

Please print and fill out the Child Illness Rider claim form. Your doctor is to complete the attached Attending Physician’s Statement.


Step 2: Submit the completed claim form

You can submit your claim form through any of the following channels:

  • At an Income branch
  • To your insurance adviser
  • By post to
    Claims Service Centre
    Income Centre
    75 Bras Basah Road
    Singapore 189557

After claim submission

We settle most claims within 14 working days after we receive all documents required.

For claims which require further clarification, we will need more time to process your claim. For such cases, we will keep you informed.

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