Personal Accident / Infectious Diseases Claim

Personal Accident / Infectious Diseases Claim

Here are the steps for making a claim under a personal accident / infectious diseases policy.

Before submitting

  • Please submit your claim within 30 days from the date of the insured event(s).

Submitting the claim


Step 1: Complete claim form

You will need to complete the personal accident /infectious diseases claim form.


Step 2: Prepare required documents

Please note that the list of documents below is not exhaustive and that other documents may be requested if necessary. For the complete list of required supporting documents, please refer to the claim form.

Death claim

  • Death certificate, autopsy report, coroner's findings
  • Proof of relationship between the insured and the claimant, e.g. copy of marriage certificate / birth certificate
  • Police report, if applicable

Permanent disability claim

  • Medical report

Medical expenses claim

  • Original medical bills and receipts
  • If these have been given to another insurer/employer, please provide:
    • Photocopy of the bills
    • Reimbursement letter / discharge voucher from the insurer/employer indicating the amount paid by them

Weekly cash claim

  • Medical leave certificates

Step 3: Submit the completed claim form and required documents

You can submit your claim form and necessary documents through any of these channels:

  • At an Income branch
  • To your insurance adviser
  • By email to
    Please note that the total size of file attachments in each email should not exceed 30 MB.
    For medical claims, please send the original medical bills to our postal address or submit them at our branches.
  • By post to
    Bras Basah PO Box 0132
    Singapore 911802

After claim submission

We settle most claims within 10 working days after we receive all information/documents required.

We will require more time to process claims which require further clarification. For such cases, we will keep you informed of developments.

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