Overseas Study Protection Plan

Overseas Study Protection Plan

24-hour coverage against travel inconveniences, accidents and emergencies while on an overseas study trip or student exchange programme.

What it covers

Death, permanent disability, and accidents

We pay up to $200,000 in the event of accidental death, permanent disability and up to $15,000 for medical expenses for an injury due to accidents.

Baggage, money and personal items

We pay up to $1,000 for loss, theft and damage of all your belongings, and for baggage delay[1] and transport delays[2].

Leisure activities

We cover medical expenses incurred due to accidents from leisure activities[3] such as scuba diving, snow-skiing, water rafting and motorcycling.

Vacation coverage

We offer additional worldwide[4] coverage against death, disability and travel inconveniences when you go on vacation to neighbouring cities during your term break.

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Enhance your coverage

Hospital and surgical expenses

We provide the option to get up to $100,000 additional coverage for hospital and surgical expenses.

Medical expenses for outpatient treatment of sickness

We provide the option to get $1,500 additional coverage for outpatient treatment for sickness while overseas.

More details

Before you apply

You must:

  • Be holding a valid Singapore identification document (NRIC, student pass)
  • Be registered as a full-time or part-time student with an educational institution outside of Singapore
  • Hold a valid student identification card issued by the educational institution
  • Be between 12 and 65 years of age
Policy period Premium for main plan
3 months $150.00
6 months $263.00
12 months $375.00
Policy period Premium with optional benefits
Option A Option B Option C
3 months $229.00 $307.00 $464.01
6 months $401.00 $538.00 $812.00
12 months $571.01 $767.01 $1,158.00

Premium rates are inclusive of 7% GST, non-guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time.

Important Notes


  1. We will pay you for baggage delay if your checked-in baggage has been delayed by any transport operator for more than six hours in a row while you are in Singapore or overseas.
  2. We will pay you for travel delay if the public transport you are scheduled to travel in during the policy period is delayed for more than six hours in a row and the delay is not caused by you.
  3. This policy does not cover claims for loss or liability directly or indirectly caused by or arising from extreme sports which involve speed, height, danger, a high level of physical exertion, highly specialised gear or spectacular stunts, whether they are played competitively or non-competitively, in a team or individually. Please refer to the policy contract for the exclusions on dangerous activities or sports.
  4. This policy covers you when you are overseas except when you are travelling in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria.



There are certain conditions whereby the benefits under this plan will not be payable. You can refer to your policy contract for the precise terms, conditions and exclusions of the plan. The policy contract will be issued when your application is accepted.

Important notes


This page is for general information only. You can find the usual terms and conditions of this plan in the policy conditions.

All our products are developed to benefit our customers but not all may be suitable for your specific needs. If you are unsure if this plan is suitable for you, we strongly encourage you to speak to a qualified insurance adviser. Otherwise, you may end up buying a plan that does not meet your expectations or needs. As a result, you may not be able to afford the premiums or get the insurance protection you want.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Income or visit the websites of the General Insurance Association of Singapore (www.gia.org.sg), the Life Insurance Association, Singapore (www.lia.org.sg) or Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (www.sdic.org.sg).


Information is correct as of 10 August 2017

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