Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Our prudent approach ensures that your money is in safe hands.

Our core investment beliefs

As a social enterprise, we consider ourselves responsible for safeguarding the savings of over two million Singaporeans. We put you before our profits. That’s why instead of promoting high-risk gambles, we take a long-term, disciplined and prudent approach.

We look for businesses that trade for less than what they are worth in terms of their potential growth and future performance. So while investment markets might fluctuate, we buy into companies with strong fundamentals when their stock price is low. Over time, a good and sound business will deliver strong results and the company’s true value will be reflected in its stock price.

Value investing only works when there’s discipline. That means staying true to investing in value, even when markets are moving in the opposite direction. With rigorous fact-based research, we focus on the big picture and the quality of investments. Ultimately, we take the long-term view because we know we can achieve our investment gains eventually.

Risk can be managed by considering what we invest in, where we invest, and who manages the investment. That’s why we adopt a multi-manager investment approach, combining cash, equity and bonds. We also invest in different countries, regions, and economies. Diversifying investments within a portfolio has been the key to our consistent track record over the years.

Accolades & highlights

By keeping the annual management fees of our funds as much as 43% lower than others in the market [1], more of your money is actually invested instead of being lost to management fees. It is your money, after all, and we want it to work harder for you.

The Lipper rating system credits 43% [2] of our funds as Lipper Leaders [3], well above the industry average of 19% [2]. At the same time, our 17 CPF-approved Investment-Linked Funds have also emerged as Lipper Leaders [3] in various categories [4]. With our proven track record, you can be sure that your money is in good hands.

Important Notes
  1. The average annual management fees were calculated using annual management fee (maximum or actual) data from Morningstar and its content providers.
  2. Source: 3rd Quarter 2014, Performance and Risk Monitoring Report – Thomson Reuters Lipper.
  3. The Lipper rating system is an international ranking system measuring fund performance in relation to industry averages. Lipper Leaders are funds ranked in the top 20% of their category.
  4. Lipper Leader Metrics
    - Consistent Return: Identifies a fund that has provided relatively superior consistency and risk‐adjusted returns compared to a group of similar funds.
    - Total Return: Denotes a fund that has provided superior total return (income from dividends and interest as well as capital appreciation) compared to a group of similar funds.
    - Preservation: Identifies a fund that has demonstrated a superior ability to preserve capital in a variety of markets compared with other funds in its asset class.
    - Expense: Identifies a fund that has successfully managed to keep its expenses low relative to its peers and within its load structure
Information is correct as of 15 January 2016

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